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Scribalstone Media is a Bible-based, Spirit-filled Christian Ministry.  We are dedicated to cutting-edge, prophetic teaching and preaching.  Presenting Jesus, in all His unconventional beauty and glory is our primary commitment.

Countless eras and cultures have long been swept away by the sands of time, but the essential character of man remains unchanged.  In this age of rampant information brokerage, the Living Word is as powerful today as the hour it was first spoken.  God’s Word proves time and again its ageless authority and relevancy by speaking with simple potency to the human condition.  There is fresh revelation for a jaded generation to be found in the archeological foundations of ancient languages, Hebrew culture and Biblical Tradition.  With deep passion and conviction, Crystal Bjornson explores insights given for living the life of the Spirit, and walking with joy in the true paths of God.

Crystal Bjornson is a grass-roots farm girl from Camrose, Alberta, Canada. Coming from a

Lutheran background, and deeply drawn to God’s Word, she graduated with a Biblical Studies degree from Canadian Lutheran Bible Institute and traveled with the school’s musical and evangelistic team the following year.  She completed a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Alberta and majored in fashion and textile design.  While owning her own custom sewing business she continued in ministry by travelling with Living Praise Worship Band. Being part of this ten-year, intensely spiritual and practical musical outreach imparted great experience in many different Church cultures and brought her in to the full baptism of the Holy Spirit.  Through this time of concentrated team experience, Crystal honed her skills in vocals as a lead singer, instrumentation and worship-leading.  She had the privilege to

compose and record a solo worship album. 

In 2000, Crystal closed her custom sewing business to pursue full-timing training in ministry. She attended the Canadian Southern Baptist Seminary in Cochrane, AB for exclusive study of Greek and Hebrew.  She wrote and taught several Bible Studies for women and began guest preaching at Charismatic Churches in the Calgary area. Working as in interim Pastor, guest speaker and teacher, she has recently added ‘author’ to her skills by completed several books pending publication. 

As a single, tempered woman of faith, Crystal brings a uniquely fresh and joyful perspective to the timeless art of preaching.  Examining profoundly spiritual principals while addressing their practical applications to everyday life is her passion and expertise.  Bridging the gap between the vintage saints and a digital generation, she powerfully illustrates the reality of Jesus to a contemporary era.    

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Deborah Kobasa (Music Page: Songs of Ascent),

James Homedal (Lectures & Books: Return to Eden),

Penny LeBaron (Home Page: Background, Contact Page; Background, Lectures Page:  Storm Season, About Page:  Crystal's Photo).

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