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You can tell spring is really here when you can’t stand your winter wardrobe one day longer. I’m queen of a thousand shades of grey, but even I know when enough is enough. Slough off your tired black, somber navy, dour burgundy and browns! Now for a ruthless edit of heavy woolens, bulky sweaters and clunky footwear. Even accessories get a radical purge. Get ready to break out all over in gorgeous, energetic brights and luscious, delicate pastels. Yum. The beauty of living in a country with distinctive seasons is that you can possess several different (justifiable) wardrobes, the pieces of which you actually forget about from one season to another. Is it just me, or is there inexplicable joy in rediscovering these treasures all over again? One of my favorite tricks is to buy stuff on sale at the end of the season, squirrel it away with my staples and then be astounded by my own foresight when I find it months later – a new piece I now possess without the pains of paying for! What can I say? Seeding these little surprises gives my spirit a fashion jump-start.

Not to be outdone by mere mortals, nature bursts forth with incomparable vigor. When it comes to sheer breath-taking gorgeousness, she has no rival. Few things beat the moment when the hard, grubby ground is broken by that first thrust of tender green. Spring bulbs are a miracle; as welcome as good news from a far land. They lift their little faces to the strengthening sun with a sweet humility that makes one grateful to be alive. The earth peels off winter’s morbidity and prances around in new finery. How can we not join her? It’s time to bloom.

But it’s not just about new glad rags. Attitude and countenance wondrously transform. Energy, focused intent and delighted gratitude should all explode within. There are new tasks to be grasped, pristine opportunities to be grappled. No matter how grave the difficulties, it’s phenomenal just to be alive, and sweeter yet to feel the buzz of life in the Spirit. Don’t you dare hesitate! Delay no more! This is your moment to burst forth, bud and blossom. You were born to yield beautiful fruit.

In days to come (Crystal) will take root, (insert your name here) will bud and blossom and fill all the world with fruit. Isaiah 27:6

To fully grasp the magnitude of the moment, let’s consider definitions.


Of a plant; to produce flowers; be in flower The state or period of greatest beauty, freshness, or vigor To come into, or be in, full beauty or health; flourish: To mature into achievement of one's potential[i]

Isn’t that glorious? Bloom. Just say it! It sits sensuously on the tongue, a rich, vibrant sound filling the palate, almost as beautiful as the image it represents. Interestingly enough, In Hebrew, the words for bloom or blossom are also carry the negative connotation of ‘to scorn, contempt, despise, vilify, or insult': a burst of words that expose, in sudden, violent motion, the true condition of the heart. Unfortunately, we’re all too familiar with that bastardized form of efflorescence. Hatred burgeons everywhere, splattering us with her vile pollen. Instead of the encouragement we require to reach our prime, countless harsh, cruel forces spring up to stop our progress. Life seems terribly unbalanced and unfair.

In a moment of honesty, we might admit to a touch of secret envy as we watch the meteoric rise many seem to achieve through the power of social media or Hollywood. Overnight, beauty or talent is found in the right place at the right time, and catches a lucky break. But just as quickly, life takes another fickle turn, leaving those same golden ones stranded high and dry. A juicy scandal, unfortunate circumstances or the disappointment of a failed box-office is enough to bring down this house built on sand. They bloomed overnight, but faded just as abruptly.

I have the marvelously strong sense these days that the bloom is coming, not to the lucky, the gorgeous, wealthy, famous or otherwise richly resourced, but to those who have labored long and faithfully in the shadows. Brace yourself, sister, ‘cause I’m talking about you. There’s a massive upgrade, a billow of promotion to the talented, dedicated Marys and Marthas strewn from end from end across the vineyard of God. These are countless, unnamed women who have labored selflessly and for meagre reward in the Church, almost slaves without honor to that institution. We’ve suffered dearth and disappointment, been passed over for promotion, treated with outrageous injustice and relegated to the status of second-class citizens. But, too bad for you, Old Boys Club; the girls are carrying the power of the resurrection, and we will not be denied. We’re about to manifest the blazing victory of Adonai and come into our full, shameless, unapologetic inheritance. We’re rising with the wind of Christ Himself in our wings. That’s the fruitfulness that happens when you build slowly and steadily on His promises, on His word. It's what happens by pouring out your love in service to Him and others. That’s the result of trusting the good, old paths of faith and obedience. God is no (wo)man’s debtor, so count on it: Payback is here!

I dare you to step into the magnificent potentiality. Look around you. Where is it you would like to thrive and blossom, unfettered by limitation? What do you desire? Allow yourself to dream a little. Are you of less value than the lilies? I think not. Ask for what you want. Grasp it. Chances are, this aspiration you cherish is something He planted within you. Pull out all the stops, and bloom.

Blessed is the man whose strength is in You, whose heart is set on pilgrimage. As they pass through the Valley of weeping, they make it a spring; The rain also covers it with pools. They go from strength to strength; (bloom to bloom) each one appears before God in Zion. Psalm 84:5-7 NKJV

[i] Bloom definition; Yahoo search


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