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I’m not feeling very spiritual these days. The Lord does not feel close. It costs something to admit that, even to myself. As a disciple of Christ, this seems like a major failure, a void that one unexpectedly trips over within.

Recently, we’ve had an upgraded course in listening. When all hell is breaking loose at ear-splitting volume, it’s mighty hard to hear the voice of the Lord. Amid the debacle of the US elections, it seems even cutting-edge prophetic voices missed the mark. We need fresh vision. The oil in our lamps is dangerously low, and yet the Bridegroom tarries.

That’s why I’m crying out for the oracle. This is a weighty word; the authoritative pronouncement of a sovereign who has the ability to enforce their will. It's a divine statement that cannot be overturned; supernatural. Oracle is not opinion. It is not option. You either receive it, or you don’t.

In the Old Testament, the Lord’s oracle came through prophets, priests, angels and sometimes, kings. In both Jewish and pagan cultures, supernatural directions were sought at the temple. Unfortunately, in our day the Internet has replaced the Word of God as the oracular voice for this generation. Or, at least, it seems it has.

Transgression speaks like an oracle in the heart of the wicked: There is no fear of God before his eyes. Psalm 36:1

Since Jesus, we’ve seen revolutionary changes. We are now the temple of the Lord (1 Corinthians 6:15-20), so in fact we are responsible for the volume and accuracy with which we hear the voice of God. This is tricky, because we are easily misled by our own deception and desire; gods in our own eyes. Without foundational Fear of the Lord in place, revelation is a slippery slope.

If you hungering for the intimacy of knowing God’s voice every day, you’re going to have be deliberate about what your eyes see and ears hear. Don’t expect to discern a pure word from on high if you love to consume entertainment filled with violence and horror, occult obsessions, zombies, sexual content and a myriad of other taboo and perverted content. A constant barrage of worldly news and the interpretation of so-called experts on CNN will also leave you skewed. Our inner reality of holiness is what enables us to perceive His oracle and interpret it properly.

Also, nothing clouds oracle like emotion. Anyone with some practical experience in faith soon learns this. Even in perplexity, the secret is to just keep seeking the face of the Lord. Day by day, the capacity for communion is built by simple habit and discipline; the conviction to wait for an answer. He will speak, and eventually, we will hear.

Firstly, there is a holy oracle waiting to be heard. The Lord has both a corporate word and an intimate individual one. Secondly, surrender is implied. You will hear the voice of the Lord once you are prepared to yield to it. Ask, with the expectation of an answer, and the intent to execute. The oracle will lead you through any dark night of the soul. It will bring you out of the pit. It will illumine both your own heart and the path you take.

I will bless the Lord who has given me counsel; My heart also instructs me in the night seasons. I have set the Lord always before me; Because He is at my right hand I shall not be moved. Therefore, my heart is glad, and my glory rejoices; My flesh also will rest in hope.

Psalm 16:7-11

Funnily enough, His oracle often comes in a form we are not expecting. A passage we’ve read a thousand times leaps out with fresh application. The conversation of a trusted friend suddenly strikes us with particular import. An impetus deep within our soul proves to be not merely our desire, but the prompting and affirmation of the Holy Spirit. A sweet little love-token might simply appear on the doorstep. We know that we know, and it doesn’t need explanation. Though the Lord’s communication is lofty, he tempers it for little worm Jacob. He knows our language. Simply relaxing in trust, being still with a heightened sense of His presence, is often enough to break a stalemate of silence.

There have been times in my life I have heard the oracle of the Lord so clearly, it shook me to the core. Nothing is more precious than that conviction. I know I may not feel spiritual, but I still am. Sooner or later, the still, small voice of His oracle will confirm it.

Hear the voice of my supplications, when I cry unto thee, when I lift up my hands toward thy holy oracle. Psalm 28:2

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